Minden Games
Battle of the River Plate
          (2-player, tactical, WWII naval)
   Three Royal Navy cruisers--Exeter, Ajax, and Achilles--find the German pocket battleship Graf Spee off the coast of South America, December 1939.  The smaller British ships cannot match the raider's 11-inch main guns, but through spacing and maneuver, are successful at driving her to port.  Can you do as well as the RN?  Or can you as the Graf Spee make your escape?

   As in its sister game Mighty Hood II, ships in Battle for the River Plate are individually rated in a variety of offensive and defensive categories, using the miniatures Battleship Captain game system.  What If? scenarios and additional ships let you recreate what happened at sea, as well as after Graf Spee fled to the neutral port of Montevideo.  Can you emulate the strategy that eventually forced Graf Spee to scuttle?  Or as the German, can you escape with your ship intact?  Battle of the River Plate lets you see.

16-page illustrated rule booklet
8 color thick card ship counters (1/4500 scale)
80 color game markers
Reference Card

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